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The percentage viewers retain of a message when they watch it in a video:

Compared to 10 percent when reading it in text

A majority of the population are visual learners:

Achieve greater impact with cinematic learning experiences

DATAWorkout is the first company embracing a true cinematic experience using films to educate on industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, data science, blockchain and quantum. 

Cinematic eXperience 4.0

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An architect cannot design a beautiful building without first having the knowledge of how to build that structure. Otherwise, you will design a building that will fall down. A storyteller similarly needs to know how a story is structured in order to tell it beautifully.

The basic
story has
three parts


This part of the story introduces information about the setting, the characters’ back stories and key events.


The story presents turning points to keep viewers interested, building up to the climax of the story.


Resolves the conflicts created earlier and the emotional arc needed to ensure buy-in.

DataWorkout brings together an exciting blend of skills, knowledge and talent to accelerate learning and appreciation of advanced digital technology.
Katrina Delargy
I'm really impressed with DataWorkout and how they will impact technology education, so badly needed right now.
Andrew Neff
Technology Marketing & CX
DataWorkout is doing an amazing job bringing awareness about disruptive technologies!
Araceli Venegas-Gomez
CEO, Qureca
DataWorkout has the potential to fill an important role in continuing education for adults, boiling complex concepts down into easy-to-understand content.
Martin SFP Bryant
Former Editor-at-Large The Next Web


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11th October





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Our Four-Week On-Demand Programme Is For You If

You’re a digital content creator who wants to step up your skills and become more tech-savvy so you can charge more for your work!

You’re determined to get your foot in the door but don’t have any experience to reach a global wider audiences.

You love to mentor and have experience in related fields, but want to venture into cinematic storytelling as a more creative, impactful, and fulfilling role. 

Does The Programme Include Certification?

Our alumnae receive certification for all our programmes after completion.

What Is In Our

Our four-week on-demand programme is designed to give you the conceptual, strategic and practical elements to start your cinematic experience.

What Are The Pre-Requisites to Enrol?

None for our Foundation programme, but you need to be determined to start a new career in cinematic storytelling and become an industry 4.0 hero and help others adopt and create value from new awesome technologies.

How does it work?

Seasoned mentors with years of experience in education supported by an awesome creative team, who are committed to help you succeed.

Two 45-minute masterclasses per week, structured in bite-sized chunks of actionable knowledge. You can even watch these enjoying a cup of coffee.

Useful resources, including reusable templates and walk-through guides to accelerate your learning, boosting your productivity.

Packed with practical examples and references to inspiring projects to spark your own imagination and creativity.

Weekly workouts and final project help you put into practice what you learn in our masterclasses, enhancing your portfolio of skills.

Personalised feedback to help you reflect and develop your creative skills while becoming more productive.

Private discussion group, where you can meet and collaborate with other rising industry 4.0 heroes to explore opportunities.

One full year subscription to our cinematic educational films is included with your enrolment at no extra cost.

Secrets You Will Learn

Acquire an Strategic Outlook of Learning & Engagement

Foundation to Cinematic Scriptwriting

Overview of Our Film Production Process

Research Topics, Source Media and Project Planning

Hands-On Workouts to Help You to Scaffold Key Skills

Develop Your Own Voice and Style

Improve Your Productivity and Impact

Start your journey today.

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